A Healthy walk with God – Part 1 – Fulfill your purpose

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them – Eph. 2:10

A good while back I had to correct the behavior of one of my children and thought that a good idea to have her write on a piece of paper “I will not ________” about 25 times – like in school. She didn’t like this at all but as she wrote on the paper she said to me, “ I figured an easier way to do this Daddy”. She wrote the first word all the way down, and then wrote the next word all the way down etc, etc. She found a shortcut. I explained to her that that was not what I had in mind. Upon close examination of the finished product, I found the quality of her printing suffered drastically and by the end, it could barely be read. Shortcuts often lead to undesired results.

When we as take shortcuts in our walk with God the quality of our relationship with Him suffers greatly and we become UNHEALTHY.
A Healthy walk with God is one that fulfills its biblical purpose

A Duct tape walk – Many of you here are very familiar with duct tape. You have probably used it many times for many different purposes. Years ago, thousands of dollars went into research to develop this product.

Today, we use it to temporarily fix pipes. You can use it to tape up your pants while hunting. You can always use it if you have a band to tape down cables…it is even used in space travel to temporarily fix problems.

Duct tape was created with a purpose in mind – it is designed to be used in heating and air conditioning applications — to seal up the joints on metal duct work. Have you ever tried to use duct tape on duct work? This is the sorriest tape for duct work I have ever seen! You try to use it on the insulation around the duct and it sticks for about two minutes. It doesn’t really stick to the duct either. It was created for a purpose but it does everything but what it was designed to do!

You were designed by God to be spiritually healthy – You are the church, the church is alive; a living thing that grows when it is healthy. But many times we take short cuts. We hurry through and do things, not the way the Father planed, so we can miss out on what God is trying to do in our life at that time, what God is trying to teach and how God wants to bless.

Many of us are just like duct tape – They do everything under the sun, except the very thing which they were created to do. The question for us is this – Are we taking a duct tape walk? Are we fulfilling our God given purpose? Is my walk with God a healthy walk?
This is not for or about church leadership. Not about Pastors and Deacons. It is for every born again believer.


During football season the stands are filled with arm-chair quarterback and coaches, people are on the sidelines, players that are on the bench and the bulk of the people are spectators. My point is that most people never get in the game but spend a great deal of time telling others how the game should be played and what they would do IF they were playing.

To have a healthy walk with God we need to go to the Bible and not the opinions of man.

A Healthy walk with God CELEBRATES THE LORD IN WORSHIP — (Mat. 22:37)
Jesus said to him, “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment

Have you ever tried to describe worship to a friend? I encourage you to read through the Old Testament and see the heart of God unfold. I can’t imagine the vagueness of God experienced by Abraham early in his life and yet how the Lord revealed Himself to this man and many other as…The Almighty, Most High God, Master and Lord.

Worship is a personal encounter with God where a person expresses their love for God, their thanks to God and surrender completely to Him – Not just a mental thing…love doesn’t flow from the mind – flows from the heart. Worship is part of a lifestyle that Honors God, showing the value of God to us. It is not just the “worship hour” but 24/7.

Lord help us to put you first in our lives and walk with you the way that you have called us to. Amen.

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