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In the Beginning

Here are the highlights as we hit Genesis 24:33-67 – Gen. 25.

The mission of Eliezer and Laban appear to be quite different. Laban at least appears to be focused on riches and Eliezer is focused on his mission. He would not be distracted – I will not eat until I have told about my journey – Gen. 24:33.

He tells Laban and the family of all that God had done and his mission and asks for Rebekah’s hand. The family agrees and Eliezer falls done and worships God. Laban tried to keep Rebekah for 10 more days, maybe to get more money. They ask Rebekah if she will go and she says, I will go. See agrees to go, to leave everything that was familiar, everything that she knew, to be with a bridegroom that she has never met. She was willing to make a life with this husband and in doing so forsake everything.

In the distance she sees Isaac and she gets off her camel, covers herself, showing chastity, modesty and submission and presents herself to her husband. This was how she wanted to meet that man that she would marry. What an impression!

Turn the page to Genesis 25 and we see Abraham marry again and produce more sons. Clearly he is one of the most important people in the bible. His name is mentioned 70 times in the New Testament. Only Moses is mentioned more – 80 times.

Isaac and Rebekah have not children so Isaac pleads with the Lord for children; why would he not after his own history. The Lord hears him and they conceive. But there is a struggle in the womb of Rebekah and she finds out from the Lord that she is having twins, 1 will be stronger and would rule over the oldest.

This is the Sovereignty of God displayed for all to see – His plan for the nation of Israel. Rebekah gives birth to Esau and Jacob. Jacob, “the heel grabber” has a name that means trickster, rascal, scoundrel would end up stealing Esau’s birthright as the oldest son.

Jacob was true to his name in that he schemed to steal something that God had already said was his.

The take away – In this portion we can truly see the wisdom in God’s choice in choosing Jacob in fulfilling the promise for Israel While Jacob was a rascal, Esau was profane. God always has a sovereign plan.

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Verse of the Week

Who is this man walking in the field to meet us? The servant said, “It is my master.” So she took a veil and covered herself  Genesis 24:65

*The bible study should not be confused with Lifeway's Life bible study (no criticism intended). This bible study will prove to be quite different from practically any study that you may have been a part off. Since Building Strong Faith, Strong Families and Strong Disciples is at the core of the Well's vision, it only seemed right to focus strategically and intentionally our Wednesday night a the Life study.

The Life Bible study, is a study of God's Word that is crafted to help Christians of all ages to mature in their faith and grow in knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. This study will challenge you to go deeper as we see the the bible says about walking worthy with Christ. It is going to be awesome! As you can see, we are currently studying through the book of Genesis.

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