Life stripWelcome to the Life Bible Study Page

The bible study should not be confused with Lifeway’s Life bible study. This bible study will prove to be quite different from practically any study that you may have been a part off. Since Building Strong Faith, Strong Families and Strong Disciples is at the core of the Well’s vision, it only seemed right to focus strategically and intentionally our Wednesday night on the Life study.

What is the Life Bible study? Glad you asked. The Life Bible study, is a study of God’s Word that is crafted to help Christians of all ages to mature in their faith and grow in knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. While participating in the study, you will study “Who God is”, Who we are in Christ?, Who Jesus is, why He had to come and His Lordship”, “Baptism, “The Lord’s Supper”, “The Holy Spirit”. Sound basic to you? Well, don’t judge a book be its cover. This study will challenge you to go deeper as we see the the bible says about walking worthy with Christ. It is going to be awesome! We are currently studying through the book of Genesis!

The Life Bible study puts everyone on the same page. Everyone importance of sharing the gospel to their friends. Even if you think you already know it all or know plenty, I guarantee you will walk away saying, “I never saw that before in the scriptures”.


So, what are you waiting for? Please come, give it the Lord a chance to reveal Himself to you in ways you never though possible. Let Him reveal His character to you through His Holy Word. If you still need more information, click here to get in contact with us. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday at 6:30. You won’t regret it. God Bless!