01. Renew

mark vanburen
July 22, 2018

01. Renew

Have you ever thought of what it takes to renew yourself spiritually? The Christian is renewed when the Word is read and made an important priority. As followers of Christ I am renewed when I give full attention to the Word.  Nehemiah understood something the millions of people have missed, something they have never grasped and that is that God’s purpose for giving His Word to the world is to reveal His unchanging truth and to show man how to live and honor God.

Verse 6 tells us, And Ezra blessed the Lord, the Great God. Before he even begins to read and teach, he takes a moment to praise God. And the people respond to the praises of the Lord – Amen! Amen! This shows us that the peoples agreed with Ezra’s praise of God and they continued in their response.

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