02. I am Jonah

Mark VanBuren
June 24, 2018

02. I am Jonah

Salvation is of the Lord! This is not a children’s story. It is not a parable or some metaphorical tale. Jonah was a very real person with a very real prophetic ministry. This is not a story about a fish. Within the pages of this story you can extract the Sovereignty and mans free will. You can pull out of these pages the posture of man as he prays.

In the truth of this story we can see the God’s provision for His children. We can and will see all those things but make no mistake, the theme that we see here, the strongest element of truth is found in 2:9, Salvation is of the Lord! If you get anything out of what this book says, please understand this unfailing truth that Salvation is of Lord!


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