05. Renew

mark vanburen
August 20, 2018

05. Renew

Nehemiah started out with a broken wall, but then focuses on a broken people. The real rebuilding is being done in the people of God. God was renewing their heart. It all started with returning to God’s Word and obedience. From there the people began to worship like never before. God was moving His people, not only into the city but moving their hearts back to Him.

This book has always been about preparing God’s people to actually BE God’s people. The wall would secure the people from outside forces and keep them safe much in the same way that God builds around us and keeps us safe. But don’t miss the point that now there was a dedication of that wall and a people that included singing and trumpets and stringed instrument. there was praise and sacrifices. This was a time of thanksgiving. When we read this word we tend to fly over it because we’ve already read that word in the scripture a hundred time and we think that we already knows what it means. But not THIS time; not this time of thanksgiving.

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