14. The Book of Romans

Mark VanBuren
January 6, 2019

14. The Book of Romans

Aside from John 3:16 and Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28 is probably the most loved and maybe most quoted verses in the bible. As a Christian we have absolute assurance of God’s providential care over us. Although the word providence is not in the bible the idea is.

That is strange because you see God, throughout the scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation providing for His people. In Genesis 22, Abraham refers to the Lord in a new way, The Lord provides. God provided a lamb at the critical moment before Isaac would have been killed as a sacrifice on the alter of the Lord.

We see God provide for His people in Exodus 16 when He sent them manna and quail from heaven. In chapter 17, God provides water. Jesus provided food for a crowd of 5000 and then 4000 and the list goes on.

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