31. The Book of Romans

Mark VanBuren
May 5, 2019

31. The Book of Romans

There was power that touched people’s lives and transformed them and their thinking; that changed their minds about good and evil and sin. Do you think that this was supposed to stop with Paul?

What prevents this from happening with us and our calling and ministry? It’s not that Paul was smarted or better looking. Paul had an abiding relationship with Christ and his ministry flowed out because of that. I wonder if we really want it. I think we want it but maybe not at the cost that it requires.

The cost of full surrender; a deeper discipleship with Christ. When surrender costs more than we are willing to give, we just do our own thing. If God would just send it to us cheap and easy we would all in. But Paul shows us throughout this book that surrender means getting on our face before God, confessing and pouring out our hearts in brokenness. This is foreign to us and typically we are satisfied where we already are.

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