A Church in the City – 1st Corinthians – part 12

mark vanburen
October 20, 2019

A Church in the City – 1st Corinthians – part 12

Paul teaches that it’s the churches responsibility to support its leaders, its pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. This is not monetizing the gospel. It’s not your Pastor asking for money. What this is, is Paul stating a biblical principal that the church should take care of the pastor. The sad thing is how badly this is abused by phonies that are in fact in it for the money. But Paul wasn’t in it for the money. He said that it was right for the ministers in the church to be able to eat and drink and to have necessities that sustain their life and even to have a wife supported. Many churches will never grasp this vision that Paul is talking about. Most churches pay just enough for the Pastor but not enough that the wife doesn’t have to work. I served under a pastor that was so under paid that his wife ended up getting a paper route to make ends meet. Paul says you should be able to take your wife with you on the mission.

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