A Church in the City – 1st Corinthians – part 16

Mark VanBuren
November 17, 2019

A Church in the City – 1st Corinthians – part 16

Skeptics will make the argument that headship in scripture isn’t fair, or argue that Paul was being chauvinistic. Many argue that this part of scripture wasn’t inspired. “God didn’t know what He was doing and needs our help”. The scriptures teach this male headship in the home and the church. It is a very simple principal.

This principal is very challenging particularly in the culture today with modern feminism. The question is, How will you respond? Will you respond like man does to Christ – complaining, kicking and screaming rebellion? Or will you respond like Jesus responds to the Father with voluntary, loving submission? God looks for and delights voluntary submission. We see this in Jesus Himself time and time again, voluntarily submitting to the authority of the Father. God looks for this in both men and women. It is expected from women and it is expected from men as well.

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