A Church in the City – 1st Corinthians – part 6

Mark VanBuren
September 1, 2019

A Church in the City – 1st Corinthians – part 6

We should mourn over the sin of others and not just to shake our head at them. It should cause us to repent of our own sin. But the Corinthian church was tolerating sin. Sin can divide and paralyze the church. Today, Tolerance, is the battle cry of the media, the political and education and has drastically, affected the church. The world says to the church, You better change or we’re coming after you, and they have.

The world says, You better accept my practices. You better accept my sin and my behavior or else. And the church impotently says, Who am I to judge?

God wants me to be happy. God wants you to be happy in Him, fulfilled in Him, complete in Him. Life is not about doing your own thing and filling yourself with the garbage that the world is selling. The Corinthian church wanted all sin ignored. The word sin is rarely even used anymore unless it is a punch line of a joke or out of sarcasm.

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