03. Renew

mark vanburen
August 5, 2018

03. Renew

Renew – How can we renew our faith in God? The book of Nehemiah teaches us about renewal, a rebuilding of God’s people – a renewal of their faith in God.

God renews us when we return to His Word. There is great power in the Word of God. It changes the life and heart of the sinner. It brings comfort and joy and truth to us. That gives us strength and courage to stand in the fight.

He renews us when we hear the Word and become doers of the Word. The believer puts the Word into action – he hears it and right away does what is says even if he doesn’t like what it says.

The Lord is very much like the wall in Nehemiah. The Lord surrounds us. He sets us apart from the unbeliever. God provides us with safety and protection. God provides for us, EVERY need.

A renewal of their relationship with God is what most call revival. God’s people were now in the process of renewal. Your life matters to God. You are important to Him. Your relationship with Him is on His mind all the time.

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