Last night we had a pretty full house. We sat down at the dining room table with a bunch of Little Debbie Snacks and opened up God’s Word to Matt. 8 and Mark 4 to the story of Jesus calming the seas.

We began asking the question of What would frighten you so much that you would not be able to go/follow? If someone said, Let’s go on this ride or dive of this diving board…I’ll go first. Would you go? Would you jump out of a plane? Or would you go scuba diving in 100’ of ocean water…would you? I actually went sky diving and scuba diving at a young age and while obvious danger exists, it was amazing.

What does this have to do with student bible study and Jesus calming the sea you ask…everything. Jesus told His disciples to get into a boat to go to the other side of the lake. Jesus got in first and they followed. Now just so you know, a disciple is a learner or a pupil and they a learning first to trust Jesus when He says, Follow Me.

In Matthew 8, a storm came up described as a great tempest. Let’s break this down:

Matt. 8:24-27

Great = the word used is Mega; big and powerful in relation to the storm

Tempest = the word used is Seismos; a shaking, agitated water. Seismos also carries in its meaning to be thrown down in tremor; to quake with fear

It is safe to interpret here that a powerful storm came up quickly and the waves and wind were violent and the disciples were very fearful.

In Mark 4, the story is very similar but Mark gives us more details. The wording is a great storm of wind.

Mark 4:35-41

Great = the word used is Mega; big and powerful in relation to the storm Storm = a whirlwind – different from Seismos (BLB states black clouds, furious winds and hard rain) the kind of storm that turned everything upside down

Wind = a strong wind from the 4 corners of heaven.

When there is a storm like this that came up so quickly and violently it would be frightening. It would be impossible to navigate with this kind of activity in the wave and wind blowing so hard straight on the boat from all 4 directions.  The waves were said to cover the boat so let me add…

Covered with waves = to hide; veil, to hinder the knowledge of.

After bringing all these detail to the student we talked about the meaning and application of this for our lives. Let me give you a synopsis.

Jesus say Follow Me, this time into a boat. He had full knowledge of the coming storm but He would be with them through this calling. The nature of the storm was indeed violent, upending and difficult to know which way you are heading and the thoughts of disaster even death is on their minds. It was so bad that the thought of Jesus presence with them was veiled or hidden from their hearts.

They finally ran to Jesus, faithless but they still ran to Jesus afraid, filled with dread. Jesus rises up, asked Why are you afraid? And then, according to Mark’s gospel, rebuked the wind first and spoke to the storm saying, Peace, be still. I believe that the way this is worded, shows that the enemy, satan, had a significant hand in this storm. It was as much a spiritual battle as it was a weather crisis.

The Bottom line

Where is our faith? Jesus called them into this boat with every intension of getting to the other side. He had every intension of being with the disciples. He has every intension of walking through every trial, every storm, every pressure that we encounter in this life – that is a promise. I made the point of referencing the book of Daniel when the 3 Hebrew friends of Daniel were thrown into the furnace – 3 in but 4 were seen.

The Lord walked through the fire and the heat with them. He doesn’t always remove us from the fire but promises to be WITH us IN the flames. When they exited the furnace the scripture says they didn’t even smell like smoke.

How do you smell today? Smokey or linen fresh? Are you walking WITH Christ? Are you afraid thinking that it is too hard; too dangerous. Christ wants you to trust Him so that when the storms come, not if, that His presence won’t be hidden and that the knowledge of His promises will be in your mind and on your lips. Put your faith and trust in Him today.

Revive means to restore to consciousness; to regain life and new strength. It is our desire to engage students with the principles and teaching of Jesus Christ. We want to help grow your faith – not mom and dad's faith but your faith in Jesus. Together with that mission focus in mind we hope to instill in the heart the importance of making disciples. Just attending a church or keeping our faith for ourselves doesn't cut it. It is time to share your faith with the world!. This entire ministry’s purpose to make disciples that can make disciples.

re:VIVE  began in the fall of 2014 in an effort to help students deepen their faith in God and take their faith to the next level becoming Disciple makers. Jesus said, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men". One of the goals of re:VIVE is to create disciple making disciples and we achieve this through a deeper, more personal study of God's Word and how it applies to each of us while incorporating our faith story with God's story and how we have been forever changed further building the confidence in the faithful story-telling process of evangelism.

We currently meet my home (Pastor Mark) Sunday evenings at 6:30 and talk about Jesus over a cup of coffee. It is a great time. We are right now looking a study of Words of Jesus called "Written in Red". Please come be a part of what the Lord is doing in the lives of young believers.